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Chaplain's Message Updated 08/11/2001

New Secretary of the Army White on the Cover of Soldier Magazine

Tilley remembers the 11th Armored Cavalry, Vietnam 

Washington D.C. 100th Reunion Photo's Click Here Taken  By Eric Newton

Scholarship Recipient's

Dog Tags Found From Vietnam Area

Vietnam Medal of Honor Medics

National Reunion Coverage

Scholarship Raffel Winner's

 Reunion Photo's

New For July 2001

Stable Your Mount Party/Reception,   Washington DC Reunion as of 7/23/01

Letter to all 11thACVVC Troopers From Stephen Perry

Letter to all 11thACVVC Troopers From Robert McKnight, Ft Irwin, Ca

Reunion Events Schedule

Map of Reunion Hotel and Surrounding Area

Scholarship: Another New Auction Item Click Here Donated by John C. Berry

Scholarship: New Auction Item Click Here   Donated by Don Grayson

A real hard core Cav Trooper James W Porter Now has overnight stops.

Historian Embellishments a Red Flag for Vietnam Researchers

Benefits for Spouses and Children

Reunion Registration Warning

Hazards Chemicals Warning

Vietnam Traveling Wall

Chaplain's Message Updated 07/01/2001

Vietnam Perspective by Retired Lt. Gen. James Link

New For June 2001 Archives

New Sectary of the Army Tom White

Col. Donald P Boyer went on to Fiddlers Green

College Professor Wannabe Loses Class

Retirement/Disability Offset

RANDLE.jpg (7141 bytes)   Scholarship Auction New Item

KIA's now has more detailed information just click on the name

President's Message

Chaplain's Message Updated 06/13/2001

Honor Real Heroes. Join the fight for the Purple Heart Stamp.

Wisconsin Reunion

Trichloroethylene (TCE)

New for May, 2001 Archives

Promotion Jimmy Leach

History of Taps

The Things they Carried

Went on to Fiddlers Green Richard L. Boyer

Remember Memorial Day

Bob Kerrey's Vietnam Deserves Better

Went on to Fiddlers Green Daniel Ristau

Quartermaster Store Form Updated New Items and Prices

Vandalism at National Cemeteries

Book written by  = James M. Griffiths

Chaplain's Message Updated 05/01/2001

Albatross Revisited, Perspective on the My Lai Massacre

Absent Comrade: Rick Lockwood I Troop 69-71 April 24 2001

New for April, 2001 Archives

Washington Post: Children's Leukemia Risk Tied to Agent Orange

Trooper Chat Room

New Items Donated to the Scholarship Auction

Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia Brotherhood ---- new link

Dear China

New Photo of may 1967 Ambush

B Troop 1st Sq 9th Cav Link Added

Vietnam War As An Integral part of  U.S. Victory in the Cold War

Zippo Raids burning villages, and Morley Safer-----another side of the story!Click on Photo to Enlarge Safer_Cam NE.small.jpg (4358 bytes)   

Chaplain's Message 04/01/01

The Vietnam Experience by Boston Publishing  Auction Item

Welcome to the 11th Cav on Line Museum


New for March, 2001 Archives

Shedding Some Light on Another Picture

Click on Photo to Enlarge  GEN LOAN_SMALL.jpg (2303 bytes)

Cold Sweat

Searching For Families of Four KIA's from DC.

An Excellent Overview of the Vietnam War With More In
Depth Links Available

Vietnam Statistics

Agent Orange Spray Map

Agent Orange Website

Chaplain's Message  03/03/01

Donated item up for Auction at the Reunion Blackhorse Armor Flag  Donated by Ollie Pickral

New President's Message ( Lots of good Information of interest to all )

Nam Terror

Donated item up for Auction at the Reunion Blackhorse Mantle Piece

Photo of Awards   at Fort Myer

 New for Feb, 2001 Archives

Important Documents of the Vietnam War

Click here to see who is registered for the 100th in Wash DC, It takes time to enter the new names so check back often

Personal Account of 21 May 67


The Rock Pile Fort Irwin Two bus loads Stop for Photo Op

Col Davis and Hal Fritz Medal of Honor Winner

Message from our President

Gen Starry Report

Chaplain's Message  02/02/01

100th Anniversary Logo

New for Jan, 2001 Archives

Blackhorse Centennial Commemoration At Fort Myer Feb 2nd 2001

Weather in Vietnam

Vietnam and the Turbulent Times Dictionary and Gazetteer

Click here for the 11thACVVC Reunion Registration Form (11thACR 100th Anniversary)

Weapons of WarMore weapons added

Chaplain's Message 01/16/01

2 More Kia,s added to attached Units Roster

KIA’s Medals were being sold at auction on ebay.

Chaplain's Message

Auction Item Dustoff

11th Cavalry, (Blackhorse), 100th Anniversary Celebration

New for Dec, Archives

Dats Football History

A Tale of Two Walls

Hang the Draft Dodger

Online Calendar, Find any Date for any month or year

Scholarship Auction Items

Weapons of War

Washington Hyatt

11thACVVC Awards Section

Chaplain's Message


November 2000

Anniversary Documentary Project

Excerpts from the Paris Accords, January 27, 1973

US Wins War in Vietnam

New numbers for the Reunion Hotel

American & South Vietnam Leaders

Chaplain's Message  11/03/00

A Veteran Is

Reunion Hotel Information


New for Oct, 2000

American Causalities Listed By State

A Poem By Hans Anderson

USS-Cole Tribute

United States War Crimes Policy

Clinton Follows Jane's Footsteps

Dispelling Vietnam War Myths

An ABCNEWS Veteran Weeps — and Gives His Lessons

New for September 2000

Combat Medic's Badge

Support from other Nations

NVA- VC Recoilless Rifle

Southeast Asia Map

Medical and Civic Assistance by U.S. Page  1   2   3   4   5   6   7

Lt. Gen. Robert Schweitzer Dies

Story of Agent Orange

Terrorism as a Weapon

The Massacre the Left wants us to forget

Reflections In Their Own Words

Massacre at Hue

Atrocity at Dak Son

A History lesson in your pocket

More Reunion Photo's Added

Joe Dimagio visits Cav by Cambodian border

Examples of the Limited Prints on the 2001 Color Calendar

Buffalo Reunion Memorial Letter to the Editor

Mike Wallace


August 2000 

Winfield woman retraces footsteps of brother killed in Vietnam

The following Limited addition Prints will be included on the calendar.
These are the best Military Artists in the world.  Order extra copies for gifts.
A very rare opportunity to own hundreds of dollars in art at an unbelievable price.

Blackhorse 100th Anniversary Celebration
Las Vegas, Nevada - February 1 through 4, 2001

Reunion Suggestion Form

Buffalo after action Report

Gen Ballantyne's Letter

Dan Rather 

11th ACR Blackhorse 2001 Color Calendar

Buffalo Reunion Photo's

Annual Reunion Site Proposal Form

Letter to all 11thACVVC Troopers

July 2000

The Patch is perhaps the best single-source resource for American unit-specific and battle-specific documentary books and videos available.

A March  for Justice, WW11 Prisoners of War

Interesting Website 1952

Facts About Famous Photo's

Wreath laying Service at our Memorial, Ft. Knox, This page takes a couple of minutes to load so please be patient.  

Armored Vehicles that we used on Display at the Patton Museum.

Ford Tune Up Special

Blackhorse Regiment in Vietnam

New Regimental Commander

DAV News Article

Tales from Nam

Jun 2000

Bill Clinton

Hanoi Jane