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Issue Main Topic's
1st Qtr 2001 A New Look & Trooper’s Medals Recovered
2nd Qtr 2001 11th U.S. Cavalry Celebrates 100 Years & Trooper's family needs our help
3rd Qtr 2001 The 11th Cavalry “Charges” into Washington DC
4th Qtr 2001 Gobble, Gobble and Ho Ho Ho
1st Qtr 2002 Why You Should Be a Member of 11 ACVVC & Resolution of Solidarity
2nd Qtr 2002 Kick Up Your Heels in Nashville & Blackhorse CO to be Reunion Speaker
3rd Qtr 2002 11 ACVVC Nashville Reunion “Bursts at the Seams” & “The Blackhorse in Vietnam”
4th Qtr 2002 Reflection on Reunions & A Special Thanks for the Memories
1st Qtr 2003 The Blackhorse in Eugene & General Robert J. Sunell to Speak at Eugene Reunion
2nd Qtr 2003 Flying Today’s Troops! & Blackhorse Eugene
3rd Qtr 2003 My First Reunion & Thanks for the Memories
4th Qtr 2003 11th ACR Memorial Restoration & Reunion 2004
1st Qtr 2004 Membership in the 11thACVVC & Blackhorse Daytona
2nd Qtr 2004 Command Sergeant Major Horn Reunion Speaker & See you in Daytona Beach!
3rd Qtr 2004 Salt on Your Lips & 2004-5 Scholarship Program Breaks Records!!
4th Qtr 2004 Blackhorse Ready for Deployment & A Few Memories
1st Qtr 2005 The Blackhorse is Trained for War & Grunt and Gulp
2nd Qtr 2005 Fairly Dumb Things I Did in Vietnam – II & LTG Thomas M. Montgomery to Address 11th ACVVC at Reunion
3rd Qtr 2005 The 11th ACVVC Annual Reunion Colorado Springs & Scholarship Program Reaches New Heights
4th Qtr 2005 Riding With the Blackhorse in Iraq Part 1
1st Qtr 2006 Riding With the Blackhorse in Iraq Part 2
2nd Qtr 2006 We Were Not “Allowed” to Win the War in Vietnam & Iraq or Bust
3rd Qtr 2006 Riding With the Blackhorse in Iraq & Poindexter to be Featured Speaker at Reunion Banquet
4th Qtr 2006 11thACVVC Reunion XXI & The 11thACVVC Annual Awards
1st Qtr 2007 Former Trooper Completes His 500 Mile Promise & Are You A Member?
2nd Qtr 2007 Reunion XXII Louisville, KY & Sausages, Eggs, and Biscuits
3rd Qtr 2007 Elections Scheduled for 2007 Reunion & On To Louisville, Reunion XXII
4th Qtr 2007 The 11thACVVC Annual Awards & 11th ACVVC Reunion XXII
1st Qtr 2008 The Search For The Yano, 528 & Full Circle
2nd Qtr 2008 Paul L. Kern to Address 11thACVVC in Chicago & Getting There
3rd Qtr 2008 Gold Star Family License Plates Becoming a Reality in Ohio & Post Office Named After Blackhorse Trooper KIA
4th Qtr 2008 Chicago Reunion XXIII A Resounding Success & The 11th ACVVC Annual Awards
1st Qtr 2009 On The Road To Snuol & 2009 Reunion Big Election
2nd Qtr 2009 Project 425 & 2d Squadron History Project
3rd Qtr 2009 John E. Longhouser to Address 11th ACVVC Reunion in Santa Clara & Five Firebases
4th Qtr 2009 After 41 Years Troopers Gather To Honor Fallen Platoon Sergeant & Greeting Our Troops, One Flight At A Time
1st Qtr 2010 Are You A Member? & 2LT Jessica N. Roberts
2nd Qtr 2010 The Knell-Nash Airplane Washing Company & What’s an ‘ARP’?
3rd Qtr 2010 WWII 11th Cavalry Group Memorial Dedicated
4th Qtr 2010 The 11th ACVVC Annual Awards & Sunday Will Never Be The Same?
1st Qtr 2011 Are You A Member? & Rockets
2nd Qtr 2011 The 26th Annual 11th ACVVC Reunion August 17-21, 2011 & Blackhorse Hoofbeats
3rd Qtr 2011 Reunion Update & William Nash, 11th ACR Vietnam Veteran, To Speak At Reunion
4th Qtr 2011 The Brotherhood of the Blackhorse & McGinnis-Wickham Hall Dedicated
1st Qtr 2012 Are You A Member? & Who Goes There?
2nd Qtr 2012 Sewall Menzel to Address 11th ACVVC in Orlando & Orlando 2012
3rd Qtr 2012 Countdown To Orlando & Bad Vibrations
4th Qtr 2012 Orlando 2012, ‘WOW’ & UFO over Blackhorse
1st Qtr 2013 Memories, Not All Bad
2nd Qtr 2013 Blackhorse Memorial Tank Restored at Colorado Springs & Indy Here We Come
3rd Qtr 2013 The Tradition Continues Memorial Day Wreath Laying & 28th Annual Reunion
4th Qtr 2013 Flying to Vietnam & Reunion 2013
1st Qtr 2014 Memorial Groundbreaking Ceremony & The Blackhorse Lands in Vietnam
2nd Qtr 2014 The Summer of '66 & Las Vegas 2014
3rd Qtr 2014 11th Cavalry Memorial Project & Former C Troop Commander to Speak at Reunion
4th Qtr 2014 Columbus Georgia, Here We Come & The Blackhorse Lands in Vietnam
1st Qtr 2015 Operation Hickory & Columbus Georgia
2nd Qtr 2015 Connecting Men, Monkeys and Memories & Arlington Wreath Laying
3rd Qtr 2015 The Almighty Mermite Can
4th Qrt 2015 The Power of Gratitude & Move on to the Alamo
1st Qtr 2016 Yes, Ice Cream & Medic! Medic!
2nd Qtr 2016 It Ain't Easy Being Green & As Your Reunion Draws Near
3rd Qtr 2016 Memorial Day 2016, Standing Tall
4th Qrt 2016 Vet Gets His Buddy a Purple Heart & San Antonio 1600, WOW
1st Qtr 2017 Orlando & Blackhorse Medal of Honor Corporal Jerry Wickam
2nd Qtr 2017 2017ACVVC Officers Election & Suoi-Cat Darkest Day for Blackhorse
3rd Qtr 2017 11th ACR Combat Photography & Vietnam? I was there last night
4th Qrt 2017 Orlando- A Look Back & Grand Rapids, Michigan 2018 ACVVC Reunion
1st Qtr 2018 Eagle Foundation Honors 11th ACR & Count Down to Grand Rapids
2nd Qtr 2018 Blackhorse Celebrates 117 years of Service & Grand Rapids, A Day in the Field
3rd Qtr 2018 The Army gave this young man a taste of the armored cavalry life &  State of the reunion
4th Qrt 2018 Gallantry In Action Humboldt Veteran Receives Silver Star & State of the Reunion 2018
1st Qtr 2019 Reunion of Vietnam Warriors & Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to Chaplain Emeritus Larry Hayworth
2nd Qtr 2019 God Loves You and So Do We  & Blackhorse Celebrates 118 Years of Service
3rd Qtr 2019 Allen Hathaway Honored at Armor Ball & State of the Reunion
4th Qtr 2019 State of the Reunion & Welcome Wisconsin
1st Qtr 2020 Army Museum Marching Toward 2020 Opening & State of the Reunion
2nd Qtr 2020 National Vietnam War Veterans Day & State of the Reunion
3rd Qtr 2020 An Ode to the Faithful M88 & The Hardest job in the Army, 2.0, A Day in the Field
4th Qtr 2020 Joe Minor Thomas Honored & Our Stories, they need to be told
1st Qtr 2021 State of the Reunion & What the Hex
2nd Qtr 2021 State of the Reunion & Battle of the Crescent; from the Driver's hatch
3rd Qtr 2021 Joe Minor Thomas, Observations from a Crossroads to Wherever
4th Qtr 2021 Joe Minor Thomas Military Hall of fame, 11th Armored Cavalry Horse Detachment Excels Again
1st Qtr 2022 First K-Troop Action in Vietnam & Ambush
2nd Qtr 2022 K-Troop's First Loss, Memorial Day Wreath at the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, State of the Reunion
3rd Qtr 2022 Military Order of the Purple Heard Honors Richard C. Quinn - WO Evans' Stained Glass Window
4th Qtr 2022 Tribute to Chaplain Haworth - State of the Reunion - 2022 Election Results
1st Qtr 2023 From The President - Frank T. Church
2nd Qtr 2023 A Face to Every Name / Memorial day Wreath at The Wall
3rd Qtr 2023 Because Their Fathers Had / President's Message
4th Qtr 2023 President's Message / 2023 Election Results
1st Qtr 2024 President's Message / State of the Reunion
2nd Qtr 2024 President's Message / State of the Reunion / Reunion Registration Information


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