Blackhorse Women's News

2nd Qtr, 2024 News
by Sheryl Myers, Women's Group

Dear Ladies and Supporters of the Blackhorse Women's Group,

Happy Spring to all.     Your Ladies Board is looking forward to seeing you all in Omaha, in September.   There will be opportunities for you to support the Ladies Group by volunteering at our Fundraising Table and attending the events we have planned with you in mind.


Tentative schedule of events for the Ladies Group:  Volunteering (2 Hour Time Slots)

Wed Sept 4th - Fundraising Table - Quartermaster Store 10am-5pm

Thurs Sept 5th - Fundraising Table - Quartermaster Store 9:00am-5pm

Friday Sept 6th - Fundraising Table - Quartermaster TBD                   


Veterans Seminar - Friday, Sept 6th  10am-12:00

11th ACVVC President Frank Church shared with me that the Veterans Seminar this year will be especially meaningful to the ladies of the Blackhorse.   We hope you will join us there.


Blackhorse Womens Group Meeting  Saturday, Sept 7th  9:30am

We have asked Don Snedeker, our 11th ACVVC  Historian, to return as our guest speaker. His podcast presentation three years ago was so well received, we asked him to return with another chapter of Blackhorse Women history.  His presentation this year is titled “Women of the Blackhorse -1901-2024.” 

More news coming in 3rd quarter Thunder Run.                

Sheryl Myers, Blackhorse Women's Group