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Medics with F-Troop were assigned out from Headquarters.  We spent most of our time with you guys. The only time we saw other medics was usually when we first got in to the Troop or about ready to leave. I can't even tell you who was the Doctor or the Sgt. over us. But I can tell you who a lot of the guys were in F-Troop. Even when I was getting short  they snatch me out of the field I still hung around F-Troops area and would volunteer for there ambush patrols when they had them. So, I thought it would be kind of nice to hear from the other Medics and set up something for them. Maybe they could recognize a name or two if we had some dates and troops and whatever to help us. Doc Taylor

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Synopsis of Army Regulation 600-8-22 (Military Awards - CMB)  The Combat Medical Badge was conceived March 1, 1945 by the War Department. The Combat Medical Badge (CMB) could specifically be awarded to Officers and Enlisted personnel of the Medical Department who were assigned to or attached to a medical detachment of the infantry. The CMB was to recognize medical aidmen who shared the same hazards and hardships of ground combat on a daily basis with the infantry soldier. The CMB was never intended to be awarded to all medical personnel. Due to the uniqueness of ground combat in the infantry it was intended to be awarded only to those Medics who served under direct fire with the infantry. To be awarded the Combat Medical Badge, the infantry unit to which the medical personnel were assigned or attached must have engaged the enemy in active ground combat. Medical personnel must have been personally present and under fire in order to be eligible for this award. During the Vietnam War, the requirements were so stringent that recommending officials were required to document the place (in six digit co-ordinates), the time, the type of engagement, and also the intensity of fire to which the medical personnel were exposed. The Combat Medical Badge could also be awarded to U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force medical personnel as long as they met all the requirements of Army medical personnel.


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