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Armor In Vietnam.jpg (79593 bytes) Greetings from Austin, Texas.  I recently purchased a book titled "Armor In
Vietnam" by Jim Mesko.  On the front cover was a picture of an M-48 tank
(see attached photo)with markings on the front slope that read:
11 CA-X                     919 Eng

The markings on the bore evacuator read:    Wild One 4

I didn't realize the 919th Engineers had M-48 tanks in Vietnam.  The author
is usually very accurate with his pictures and drawings, though.  Since the
919th Engineers don't have a web site, I was wondering if you could post
this picture, if and when you get a chance, on the 11thACVV web site to see
if anyone recognizes this tank and can confirm the accuracy of this drawing.


John T. Tillman
Troop B
1970 - 1971

From Rick Langley 919th 1969

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Stienglass all i know been looking for him a long
time. thanks Rick Langley 
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