Dave R. Watters

Forward Observer [FO], E Troop, 2/11 ACR

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E Troop, 2/11 ACR

Damage caused by the combat at Snoul
E Troop column advancing on a red dirt road so distinctive of Cambodia
Effort to burn captured rice at NVA supply base inside Cambodia

A typical village encountered in Cambodia

Structures burning during the firefight at Snoul

Cambodian villagers watch the passing of E Troop

Zulu track (the E Troop FO ACAV) damaged by a mine in Cambodia

Abandoned NVA truck thoroughly destroyed by E Troop

Engineers preparing a pontoon bridge to circumvent a damaged bridge

E Troop column passing through Snoul after the firefight

E Troop operating in open terrain, an ideal situation for armored cavalry action

E Troop ACAV and Sheridan's in action at Snoul

Damaged bridge encountered by E Troop

E Troop ACAV (Evil 20) passing native house on road march into Cambodia


E Troop 2/11 ACR

Cambodia Incursion

In a Rome plowed area, everything upright needs to fall

Mumblety-peg, one way to relax in the field

Zulu track, the Forward Observer’s [FO] ACAV [Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicle] in E Troop

2LT Watters relaxing on Zulu track (vehicle 2HOW53)

Rome plowed area with destroyed Sheridan in distance

Busting bush in parallel columns

E Troop road march

Bobby Perryman on Zulu track photographing the column ahead; note observation helicopter above

A bridge tank, the M-60 AVLB (Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge), with partially erected bridge

Evil 31 ACAV crossing the emplaced bridge

E Troop Firefight (first view)

E Troop firefight (second view)

Sheared off vegetation resulting from the firefight

Enemy POW under the watchful eyes of E Troop; ACAV Evil 32 in background

Enemy bunker discovered and soon destroyed by E Troop

Evil 32 busting bush

M-551 Sheridan, M-113 ACAVs, and M-48 tank in defensive posture

FO Dave Watters with Bobby Perryman behind, on Zulu track

Abandoned, damaged village in RVN

Reconnoitering a village

Zulu track shield and crossed spears emblem painted on 50-cal gun mount; a pretty foolish venture as the designs made great targets for the enemy


Howitzer Battery, 2/11 ACR

2HOW13 (M-109, 155mm Self-propelled medium howitzer

Does anyone remember why CPT Richard Tragemann, Battery CO, was getting his head shaved? Lost a bet? Who is doing the shaving?

M-577 Fire Direction Center )FDC) with sandbagged shelter in foreground

FDC (2HOW33) with Leroy Cook (right) and Ronald Werner; note the fence protecting against rocket propelled grenade (RPG) attacks

2 Howitzer Battery in column formation on road march

FDC starting to move out (left to right, unknown, unknown [hidden], Dave Watters, unknown)

Playing Scrabble to pass the time between fire missions (clockwise from top, Dave Watters, Ronald Werner, unknown, unknown, unknown)

Monsoon season in full force at a fire support base

Who are they are and what they are doing? (Person on right may be Ronald Hartman)

The Heartless Bastard howitzer in position

Creating embankments, an early phase of fire support base preparation

2HOW’s Heart Breaker howitzer

Dave Watters, Fire Direction Officer

Head Beagle (left), Heartless Bastard (right), and a third howitzer (name unreadable) in position

Sandbagging, the seemingly never-ending task (left is Ronald Hartman; others unknown)

Two unknown Blackhorse troopers with a plethora of Howitzer Battery pets


Headquarters, Howitzer Battery, 2/11 ACR


2 HOW HQ building and sign (this sign, containing a “Fire Power” scroll, differs from one seen later in this series, probably indicating two different HQ locations)
Unknown person by 2 HOW sign

From left: Patrick McCombs, Ronald Hartman, Ronald Werner, and unknown at 2 HOW building (FDC, Commo) in rear area

Monsoon season inundates the rear area; note guns parked in background

Two unknown officers keeping dry

11th Armored Cavalry Regimental Museum (known as the Holder Museum, in honor of Leonard D. Holder, 37th Regimental CO); captured enemy weapons on display

Plaque honoring COL Leonard D. Holder who died in a helicopter crash near Bien Hoa in March, 1968

Two unknown Blackhorse troopers of Howitzer Battery

1LT David Watters (left) and 1LT Ronnie Walker, former Forward Observers of E and F Troop respectively

Howitzer Battery 1SG, name unknown

1LT William McDermott (left) and two unknown Blackhorse soldiers at 2 HOW HQ (note the absence of the Fire Power scroll in this sign; compare it to the sign previously shown)

1LT William McDermott and 2 HOW guidon

Unknown trooper with two furry friends

Two unknown Howitzer Battery soldiers (1SG on right?)

Unknown trooper cradling his buddy