From the 70th Colonel of the Regiment

Colonel Timothy J. Ferguson
1st Quarter, 2023

ALLONS! Happy New Year from the Mojave Desert. The Regiment is back from a well-deserved leave period and gearing up to take the fight to the rotational units when they begin to arrive later this month and into February.

Over the last few months, Blackhorse concluded its involvement with Project Convergence 22 in October and November and after a brief reprieve to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday. This was the largest experiment that the Army has conducted to date to test emerging technologies that may find their way into Troopers hands over the coming years. The Regiment supported this effort in a variety of ways and the experiment could not have been successfully executed without the help of the “Finest in the Land”! Additionally, Wickham Park is also adorned with a new 3/11 Workhorse sign that was fabricated by Troopers in the Regimental Support Squadron using some of our new additive manufacturing capabilities.

After our break to give thanks, Troopers from across the depth and breadth of the Regiment returned to the training area in December to compete for the Expert Infantrymen, Expert Soldier, and Expert Field Medical badges. In total 34 Troopers earned their respective badges: 25 EIB and nine ESB.

The Regiment then sent Troopers all over the world to enjoy some hard-earned leave to recoup and recharge. All three Squadrons have since resumed training and are preparing for the fast-approaching return to our rotational schedule.

Leaders in the Regiment will have an opportunity to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery to commemorate the 122nd Regimental Birthday during the first days of February and then return to gear up for the first rotation of the calendar year. Our first rotation will see the Regiment divided and shaking off the rust in a head-to-head fight against one another in support of 3rd Infantry Division Headquarters. This atypical rotation will lead immediately into a more standard rotation against the most modernized brigade in the United States Army with 2nd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division. I believe our Troopers to be up to the task to challenge the Spartan Brigade and provide valuable insight into the future structure and capabilities of our brigade combat teams.

We wish you all the best in 2023 and are eager to showcase the excellence of the Best Damn Regiment in the U.S. Army for the remainder of the year.



COL Timothy J. Ferguson, 70th RCO


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