Army veterans and their families can have an easier time tracking and receiving medals and decorations thanks to an automated system used by the Clothing and Heraldry Product Support Integration Directorate (PSID).

The Web-based system eliminates extensive paperwork, reduces processing time and has capabilities such as allowing
each veteran the opportunity to find out the status of his or her request
or make address changes online.

 These types of inquiries that used to be
handled telephonically or by letter can be entered online at

Award criteria and background for the
different service medals can also be found on the Website. Requests for
medals are initiated through the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC)
in St. Louis. Eligible veterans or the next-of-kin of a deceased veteran
can request medals from NPRC at [Source:
Psychological Operations Veterans Association VSO Msg. 16 MAR 04]


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