Col Jimmie Leach in 1945
Capt. James H. Leach, USA Ft. Knox, KY (1945)

Col. James H. Leach died suddenly on Dec 17, 2009. He was 87.

The placid, modest, friendly exterior of this Officer disguises the fighting heart of a lion and the tenaciousness of a bulldog, all seasoned with an engaging personality. - Lt. Colonel Creighton W. Abrams, Dec. 31, 1944

Tanker Jimmie Leach:

One of Patton's Last WWII Tank Commanders Tells His Story of War
and Service

assembled by: Matthew Hermes, PhD


1. Tanker Jimmie Leach

2. Tanker Leach Preface

3. Tanker Leach Antecedents

4. Tanker Leach Depression Boyhood

5. Tanker Leach Texas National Guard

6. Tanker Leach United States Army

7. Tanker Leach Lieutenant Leach Heads for War

8. Tanker Leach Utah Beach

9. Tanker Leach Breakout

10. Tanker Leach Battle of the Bulge


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