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4th quarter, 2017 Thunder Run

By Kathy Tandberg, Women’s Group Co-coordinator



Ritchie awarded 2017 Women’s Award  



As Ringling Brothers would say, “The show must go on.” And so the 32nd annual reunion of the 11th ACVVC held the first week of September at Orlando, Florida, did indeed go on, regardless of an appearance of Hurricane Irma.


Blackhorse reunions are always filled with memories of those days gone by, and new memories and stories that come out each reunion.  Add in interloper Hurricane Irma, and the Orlando reunion will certainly be one to be remembered by those who were able to attend.  I know there will stories abound for the next couple reunions!


While attendance was a little lower due to Irma, gatherings around reunion quarters continued, as did Saturday morning meetings and memorials, and of course the banquet.


Now this is where I usually share what occurred and was decided upon at the annual Women’s Group meeting: who was there, what we did together, decisions we made together at the Saturday morning Women’s Group meeting, and what we have up our sleeve for the next reunion.


However, this year I was among four of our board members unable to attend thanks to Irma. The show did go on as the annual Women’s Group meeting was held with three board members: Marguerite, Jan and Cathi, and 33 women in attendance. The meeting was short, but also a wonderful time for those there to get to know one another better.


We are happy to announce the selection of Blackhorse Women’s Group member, Zilda Ritchie, as the recipient of the 2017 Women’s Award for Exceptional Service to the 11th ACVVC. Zilda, who has an extensive financial background, and business with her husband, Kenron, (K Trp, 68-69) graciously audited the Blackhorse Women’s Group books.  We appreciate the valuable assistance she has provided the group.


The remainder of our well-planned Saturday morning meeting was scrapped until next year, including the bracelet-making activity because Cherry, our prayer shawl chairperson, was also our bracelet chairperson for that activity.  Cherry had driven south to the reunion from her Atlanta home. When the hurricane forecast began to include Atlanta, she stayed a couple days and then turned north for home. Her drive north was filled with bumper-to-bumper traffic and became 15 hours instead of the seven hours it took her to drive down.


Sarah’s Angels 


During the business meeting, the group had a short visit from Richard (Rick) Belcher, who presented us with a memorial gift of $500 in memory of his wife, Sarah, who passed away last year. We thank you Rick, for this kind gift.  Sarah, a Women’s Group volunteer, became the inspiration and the namesake for Sarah’s Angels. Through Sarah’s Angels, each year at the Blackhorse Women’s Group annual meeting we will read the names of any Blackhorse 11th ACVVC women/spouses/significant others who have passed from this earth. It’s a way for us to honor and remember those who have supported their trooper all these many years.  We can only add a name to those that will be read each year if we are made aware of the loss. That is where we need your help. We ask that you notify us if you hear of the loss of an 11th ACVVC Blackhorse women/spouse/significant other.  You can notify us in a couple ways. Contact Prayer Chairperson, Jan Beamon, with information of a loss. She will need name, husband’s name and troop, date of death, and address. All losses need to be verified so if you have a link to an obituary (or one that can be mailed or emailed) that would also be appreciated.

Contact Jan by email at or email at 903-780-5621. Or you can contact me, Kathy Tandberg, at 701-870-6868, or by email at or by mail at 3818 Lone Peak Drive, Bismarck, ND 58503, or any other Women’s Group Board member.


Contact information for all Women’s Board Members can be found on the men’s website at http: and then go to the area marked “Messages” in the middle of the home page. Click on “Messages.” That will take you to the next page where you can click on Blackhorse Women’s News, then click on Women’s Board Members for contact information.


Bracelet Activity  


As I mentioned, the bracelet-making activity was postponed. I apologize to those of you who were there, but we will do it next year at the 33rd annual reunion to be held at Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Grand Rapids Plans


In the next issue of the Thunder Run I will announce our women’s group plans for 2018. We are in the process of firming up details for a women’s luncheon/tour. Stay tuned for details and get ready to sign up.


Until next time.





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