Thought today, the day of the Iraqi Constitutional Referendum vote, would be a great day to send you all an update on the Troopers of our great Regiment.  They continue to serve with distinction, making an incredible difference here in Iraq and at Fort Irwin every day.

Message from the RCO and RCSM

Mosul, Iraq

15 October 2005

     As I write this, millions of Iraqis are exercising their right as free citizens to vote for their future.  The sight literally right outside our window from Sadaams old Spearhead Palace here in Mosul is amazing, democracy is at work!  A people who are free are determining their future, the future of their children and more importantly of their nation through the ballot box.  Through their valiant efforts fighting insurgents and training Iraqi Army and Police forces, Blackhorse Troopers in North Babil, Baghdad and here in Mosul have helped make this historic day a reality. 
     The 16th Command Sergeant Major and 61st Colonel of our great Blackhorse Regiment could not be more proud of our Regiment and Troopers today.  The performance of our Troopers here in Iraq helping the Iraqi people win the fight for their freedom and back at Fort Irwin training our Army to fight and win makes both of us feel incredibly honored and blessed to wear the famous Blackhorse patch of our Regiment. 
    The service of these great young American heroes today continues to epitomize the Warrior Ethos of our Army in the tradition of excellence forged by the Troopers who have gone before us serving under the colors of our Regiment in the Philippines, Cuba, Germany, Vietnam, Cambodia, Germany, Kuwait and Afghanistan among other places.  We salute their efforts with great pride.
    To our veterans and our families we pass on a heartfelt thank you for your continued support.  Rest assured, we could not execute our mission here and at Fort Irwin without your constant encouragement and support.  Thank you.
    We look forward to the day we can join with you once again at Fort Irwin. 
Ricky A. Pring                                                         Peter C. Bayer Jr.
16th Command Sergeant Major                           61st Colonel