Building a Free Iraq


Task Force 2nd Squadron 11th Armored Calvary Regiment based out of Fort Irwin California deployed to Iraq in January of 2005. Their sector of responsibility known as Area of Operations (AO) “Battle” is located in southern Iraq and was one of the areas with the highest insurgency. Task Force 2-11’s mission was to return that area to the people of the Babil Province and stop further atrocities towards innocent civilians.


Task Force 2-11 coordinated with the local Iraqi Police and Iraqi Army to seek out insurgents in their area. The combined efforts of the Coalition Forces and Iraqi Security Forces pushed insurgent cells out of AO Battle and brought a much needed relief to the people of that area. To keep the insurgent take over out of AO Battle, Task Force 2-11 trained countless local citizens that chose to join the ranks of the Iraqi Police and Iraqi Army to keep their cities safe.


While the performing their combat missions the Task Force also performed humanitarian aid missions for the civilians of their AO. To help improve the standard of living in this area, the Task Force implemented several reconstruction projects. Task Force 2-11 Soldiers along side local civilians repaired and reconstructed sewage and water facilities, roadways, schools, and power plants all to better the lives of the Iraqi people.


The citizens of the southern Iraq thank the Soldiers of Task Force 2-11 on a daily basis for allowing them the freedom and opportunity to walk in the light once again. Though 12 Task Force soldiers paid the ultimate sacrifice, it was not it vain. Iraq is a step closer in the search of peace, and for many Iraqis, Task Force 2-11 has provided them with a leap towards freedom.