Photo by Rick Langley


This is( Zig Zag)  Steve Hughes Quion Loi  & An Loc 1969 he was 3rd Plt 919th.


The guy in black shirt is (zig zag) Steve Hughes.
The guy in front of the cav with eyes is Buck Malinick.  919th 1969


Stienglass all I know is I've been looking for him a long time





The guy with the arrow pointed at him is Buck Malnarick




Blackhorse  and opium that came out of tunnel can't remember the guy who went he capured an  NVA officer he got a nice pistol off him

Zig Zag in front of 3/4 ton I think the house was up by Quion Loi


Me on left( Rick)  Don Wolf on Right


2nd guy to right was from cali.was a pretty good artis. 3rd guy nickname
4th guy me Rick. 5th guy nickname(Greek)can't remember 1st guys name


The guy on the right is Roger (Crute)  Cross


The guy on right of arrow is Schultz


ZigZag on Right


Buck holden the Banner


zigzag in middle


The guy on left is ( Buck Malinick)   the guy on right is ( crute)  Roger Cross
on cev


The guy on left is Buck the right is Roger Cross