Please take note that some jerk (probably a VC) is selling Vietnam War souvenirs to vets on eBay that are fakes. Sixteen pages full of items at present. All the auctions end at about the same hour then they will all pop up again within a day. They are using at least four names and change to a new one frequently.
Current name is being used is smh68nsa
. Return shipping address on my envelope was 2591 Driftwood, Pueblo, CO with name of Robert Keast. Another being used as of December is 
S. M. Holdaway
, PO Box 8492, Pueblo, Colorado 81008

What makes this more sickening is the quote in the auctions, GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS.
The first red flag is that the auctions are PRIVATE.  This means you cannot view the other bidders address during the auction or after the auction.  This also prevents people who bought fakes from warning others participating in the auctions. You also cannot see any complaints lodged against this seller.

Most items are Death Cards
so you can search eBay with those two words to locate these auctions.  Although reported to eBay, their heart appears to be in their bottom line rather than taking action to protect the buyers. This has been going on for months.  Please pass this information to other vets and veterans organizations and mention this address to view examples:

Notice the Blackhorse on this poster is the current Fort Irwin issue shield.