Make Mine Quan Loi

 Thinking of a pleasant, quiet vacation away from it all.  If you are, plan your next vacation holiday in scenic Quan Loi.

 Nested high atop a gentle hill overlooking picturesque rubber plantations, this old, former French resort area, offers our men in green a variety of pleasures.  Dine in one of the many mess tents nestled under the giant rubber trees, or if nightlife is your fancy, try an evening in one of the many bunkers which dot the edge of old Quan Loi.

 For the hearty outdoorsman, Quan Loi is ideally tailored.  Get that rustic feeling as you watch the red dust settle upon you fresh uniform.

 The sportsminded will want to be at Quan Loi at noontime or around midnight.  According to tradition, native Quan Loians spend those hours having spirited low-crawl races to the nearby bunkers, spurred on by the cherry whistle of 107mm rockets.

 If aviation is your bag, you may want the thrill of riding in one of the many Caribous or C130's that fly from Quan Loi International Air Terminal.  Frequently, the natives are waiting to give the passengers an extra pageant of color as they lay fireworks breathtakingly close to your aircraft.

 Big game hunting at Quan Loi is something not to be missed.  It's a simple matter to join a big game safari, known to native Quan Loians as an "AP."  Thrills of a life time await the adventurous hunter.  One word of caution however, experienced big game hunters never trust native Quan Loians as their gun bearers.

 For fun in the sun this vacation, tell your travel agent to, "MAKE MINE QUAN LOI."

This was reproduced from the Stars and Strips, circa 1968.