Tales From Nam


Another Bad Day "B" Troop 1st. Plt. Tuesday,August 15,1967.


Remembrances  I joined the Army in March of 1964 .Originally, I'm from New Jersey. Took Basic at  Fort Dix, N.J. From there I went to Armor School at Fort Knox, K.Y from there I went to fort Meade Md. with the11th
Armored.Cavalry, 1st Sqd. Spent time with them at Camp Picket, Va. From there I went to Korea for 13 months,came back to the states at Fort Ord ,Calif. for about a year. Came down on orders for Viet Nam around last of Jan 1967. I was in country on my 21st Birthday on March 3,1967. Did'nt even make it out of  Long Binh before I seen my first American death. The 11th Cav. 1st Sqt.came to pick us up on a re-supply mission to take us to Blackhorse Base Camp.That night we pulled into a little staging area right down the road from the main base camp at Long Binh . Can remember that night like it was yesterday.Thestaging area was a small fenced in area.  They had over head tents already set up for people to sleep in for the night.It seems like right in back of the tents there was a railroad track set up high over looking the tents. I remember saying up late that night. It was so clear that night we were looking up at the heavens looking at the stars.Anyway,there was this young man that was on
the same plane that I came in on ,we were both on are way to the 11th Cav. I don't remember his name, but that night he decided to sleep inside the tent and I decided to sleep inside the track. I remember putting my steel pot over the back end of the track that night. It seems like I just started to go to sleep when I woke up to small arm fire and Claymore mines going off. The V.C. had pointed the claymore mines right on the tents. I can still see the inside of the tent. You could see the stars when you looked up.Sorry to say that man never made it that night ,I wish I could have remember his name but we just met on the plane. There  were a bunch of others hurt that night but that one stayed with me over the years. When morning came I remember gettig my steel pot off the back of the track.I was dazed when I seen it.It had a big hole in the back of it. I guess God was on my side that night. I kept it the rest of my tour.To me it seem like a good luck piece. I stayed in the Army for a little over 8yrs. I came out a SSGT.  E-6.

                                                                                Bill Ryerson Sr.


Another Bad Day "B" Troop 1st. Plt. Tuesday,August 15,1967.

As a Plt. we took off one moring from Base Camp to give first aid to a village.  We were all in line on a dirt road not far from the village we were to give first aid. I can't remember how many track there were,but at any rate we had a track hit a land mine. It was a big one, as it lifted it right off the ground and turned it over on its top. It blew both 60cal. shield off and took the 50cal.and shield off with it to.The Sgt. was still sitting in it when it hit the ground. His right leg was lost that day  I've picture of that day of the track and also have picture of two other troopers that day that lost their life. I remembered this all my life  but I was able to let it go until I read a letter that was printed out on  ( Thunder Run ) I thought I was a strong man but this one letter brought me to tears in my wife's arm.I know I must know this man who wrote this letter but can't place him maybe some one
could help me .The Letter Was Headed: RELECTIONS by HERBERT GILLOCK.It was all about this incident.

I only have a few problems with the letter, it was'nt 1966 it was 1967 And it was'nt B-18 that hit the mine.It was B-14 as I have all the pictures. which I will send to be installed in B  Troops New site with your permission. I'm in contact now with two people from my Plt. One is Alan Sweeney .He was a medic that day attached to our troop. And on Jan 4 ,1999 after 30 some years I found my Plt Sgt . I can't tell you how happy I was. We talked about this incident like it happen just yesterday. I have all after action reports on the two people who got killed .Both killed on the same day in South VietNam in Phuoc Long Province.  ( Picture's follow: )


In this picture I have two marks above their heads.The one on bottom left in 2nd. row is Billy  Baker.He died that day along with  Earl Wayne Long ,standing back row far right. The man in the middle back row is Sgt .Coy Vaughns.His name was lost in time until I found this letter on ( Thunder Run ) This is when I was able to put this together.The man on bottom right is last name is Raker.The man in the middle with Baker is from Ok. I don't remember his name we just always called him Oakie.I found Earl Wayne Long's after action report 
on the inter-net and was able to match up with Billy Baker .This picture was taking in ( B ) Troop's Motor Pool 1967. 

This picture was taking the day they got killed.1967.Thats me Bill Ryerson sanding at the time.It was a bad time for everyone. 

This is a picture of me 1st week at base camp.Early March1967 ( B ) Troop. Sitting outside my tent. 

This is the man in the first picture from Ok. 1967 (B ) Troop. 

This is B-14 .The track was a mess.1967 Phuoc Long Province.We lost two good people that day.I hope to God they are with their maker. And I don't want to forget about Sgt Coy Vaughns who lost his right leg. 

This is another picture of B-14 1967. This picture stuck together on the way home to my wife.wrecker just got done turning track over. 

Same track 1967. 

 Bill Ryerson 1967 Base Camp ( B ) Troop 1st Plt.

Bill Ryerson 1967 . Out on Operation Junction City 1967. 

Eating lunch out in the jungle.Bill Ryerson. 1967 

I hope I was able to contributed something. Have a bunch of picture of VietNam. Spent two tours .My 2nd tour was 1970-1971.

Bill Ryerson Sr.

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