The Blackhorse

There's a bond formed of terror, fire and steel,
That will carry forever on,
The fire of battle, the steel of the horse,
The terror of the cold, gray dawn.

This bond is stronger than any tie,
And it goes unspoken by man,
For words don't begin to justify,
The actions people can't understand.

We fought side by side on foreign soil,
Cried together to help ease the pain,
Held our brothers in our arms shamelessly,
For no man dies in vain.

The Blackhorse still stands tall today,
To be seen by our daughters and sons,
Tho' they don't understand the tear on our cheek,
As we softly whisper "Allons".

The bond that we formed in the fire long ago,
In battle, in joy, in pain,
Will live on forever in our hearts,
"Together then --- together again"

We'll live by this motto until the roll is called,
And we leave these earthly shores,
For God will surely say "Allons,
The Blackhorse rides once more."

SSG Edward L. Morgan
 E Troop, 2d Squadron
 11th Armored Cavalry
 1969-70  "Allons"

October 7, 1995