An Loc during Junction City II, Late April 67. Were we ever that young?
ARP Home page Thanks to Jack Stoddard the ARPs now have their own Home Page. Take a look using the link to the left. 
Air Cav Troop now on-line One more unit responding to the call to create a unit page. Take a look  HERE
C Troop C Trp has now joined the fold and has it's own web page. Just click on the link to the left! 
The Fighting Pattons An excellent review of this Book about the Patton Family including the former RCO can be found  HERE. Brings back a lot of memories of time in-country. 
BLACKHORSE Video For those of you who served with the Blackhorse in Germany, here is an item of interest.
Agent Orange Info that may help your wife! As you all know we lost Chaplain Vernon Nevil in December 98. The government confirmed that Vernon' Nevil's death was service related and that the cancer was caused by his exposure to Agent Orange. His wife will receive full government benefits as long as she does not remarry. 

You should all make your families aware of this so they may file a claim in the event your death is cancer related.  If you have been diagnosed with cancer now,  you should also file a claim with the Veterans Administration.  Make certain you get a representative not connected with the VA to represent you.  Your local VFW and DAV generally have reps available.  If you need help, go to the Association Officers page and email Rick O'dell at   CPTNRIC@aol.com .  He wrote the book on getting the benefits you EARNED. 

According to DOD maps, the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment operated in an area which had the highest concentration of spraying.  If you were not in the field you should also know that Agent Orange was in those little spray cans that were used around the hootches to keep the weeds away. The base camp perimeter was also sprayed.

Tales from the Nam Several recent additions to the Tales. Check them out and how about contributing yours?
Folks In Wisconsin doing what's right Take a look at the notice for a " Stand Down " the people in Wisconsin are having. Understand they do this often. Should you be interested the contact is William S. Bray at bjbray@execpc.com
A different place, a different time But? This is a speech made by General George S. Patton during WWII. It says a lot about the Army he knew and to some extent the one we knew. Wonder how it would go over in this PC world of today? Read it  HERE .
Sometimes we forget! For some reason, everyone forgets about the person who waited at home while the soldier went off to play war.  She was there before, during, and after every conflict.  Even during non-conflict times, she was there while the soldiers went on tactical training field trips, weapons training, and any other special trip that came up.  This  HERE  is for the wives that were there when we really needed them.
Information Resources A section has been added here listing information available from the Military History Division of the U.S.   Army. As we learn of more resources we will add to this page.
Some good information provided by Jeff Johnston Dear Sir,
I just wanted to let you and the members of your organization know that the National Archives recently made available on the web a digital copy of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiments After Action Report for the Cambodian incursion.  It can be accessed through the Archives NAIL system (National Archives Information Locator),   http://www.nara.gov/nara/nail.html
How to access documents:
Enter the NAIL Homepage and click on SEARCH NAIL
On the next screen choose STANDARD NAIL SEARCH
Scroll down and in the KEYWORDS fields enter: 11th Armored Cavalry and   Vietnam Then click the SUBMIT SEARCH button located near the top or bottom of this
page. It should say "35 records found", now click the DISPLAY RESULTS button. The report should be the second text document listed on this page.  Click on the button to the right of it's description that says FULL.You should get a screen that says NAIL FULL RESULTS.  Scroll down this page to where it says LINKS TO DIGITAL COPIES and click.  The next page should allow you to open the digital copies of each of the 60 pages of the document.

This is not as difficult as it sounds, however only one page can be viewed at  a time and you can't save a NAIL search as a favorite place.  Anyway, I though that this document might be of interest to some of your members.  If I've totally confused you or you have any comments, etc. please feel free to e-mailme.  By the way, I'm not connected with the Archives in any way, I just found this document while searching the web.  Thank you. 
Jeff Johnston

One Great Idea - A Really Great Idea! Lets do it!  Allons Just wanted to say thanks for leading me to the Virtual Wall.  Since finding this site, thanks to your posting a hot link on our web site, I have been there several times.  The first time I went looking for one of my best friends from college who got to Nam a few months before me and was killed during a post-Tet '68 mopping up operation.  I found him and I also learned that you can leave remembrances of family and friends.  Since there were no remembrances for Dick I posted one and it is now there for all to see.  I have also shared information on this site with others and suggested that they also leave remembrances of Dick.

Based on my experience I would like to suggest that perhaps something more could be done by the 11th ACVVC to make more of our members aware of the Virtual Wall site.  It would be wonderful if every Blackhorse Trooper who gave his life in Vietnam and who is now on the Wall had at least one remembrance.  We should not let our troopers be forgotten.

Loss of a comrade - SGT Larry Bennett, 2/11 ACR, 6/1/69- 6/30/70 I regret to inform all troopers that SGT Larry Bennett passed away last night (03/04/99) at 2300 HRS, from a cancerous tumor in his brain. He will be laid to rest on Monday, 8 MAR 1999 in Redding California. If anyone would like more info or may have info to share with the family all inquiries can be addressed to me. Fiddlers Green is always there!
Detail  will be all relatives on active duty currently.as well as myself, a "BLACKHORSE" trooper myself.  The Funeral is scheduled for 1100 HRS in Anderson, with burial scheduled for 1330 HRS. 
SGT Scott Bennett, 11th ACR
Dallas Veteran's Day Parade An account on what occured in Dallas on 11 Nov 98
Ceremony at the Wall An account of the wreath laying ceremony, Nov 11, 1998.
Going to Meet the Boys One Trooper's account of his first reunion.
A most Generous Donation! General Fred Franks (USA Ret) has sent in a $1000 contribution to the ACVVC Scholarship Fund. We all owe the General a big thanks! Go read his Bio while you are here.
Book Reviews - A new Feature Stolen Valor Reviewed by Eric Newton.
Col John Rosenberger's first Quarterly Message.  A message from the new CO to us all!  07/27/98
Angelfire - Memorial Day 1998 A Day of Tribute  Posted 06/8/98
Good Information on Agent Orange All you want to know and More Added 06/21/98
 VA Publishes New Veterans Handbook Sounds like something we could all use! 06/24/98
Veterans Benefits In an effort to end all the rumor surrounding new VA care procedures we have included a section on New VA Health Care
Policy in our "Veterans Benefits Counseling" section. 
Lest we forget what it was all about in the first place! Go  HERE!

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