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A Short Course in the fine art of navigating and exploring the 11th Armored Cavalry’s Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia.
The ACVVC site (homepage) contains many pages of information on subjects ranging to trivia to serious so don’t just look at the front page and think you have seen it all. The tool bar (column) on the left of the page contains links (connections) to all the sub-pages within our site. It is important to remember that each of these sub-pages often have further links to subsets of those pages. A “link” is always in color (mostly blue) and underlined. By double clicking on the link with your mouse you will be transferred to that page.

Here is a brief explanation of the site:

  • Breaking News – Keeps you advised of page changes and items of general interest.
  • Reunion Registration Form. –  Just what it says. You print it out, mail it in and viola, you’re registered.
  • Reunion Information – The latest information on upcoming reunion.
  • Absent Comrades – A list of former members of the 11thACR now quartered on Fiddler’s Green. If you know of anyone who should be added please let us know.
  • Articles from Thunder Run – Past articles from the Organization NewsLetter.
  • Above and Beyond – The Medal of Honor and the citations of the three 11th ACR members who earned it.
  • Association Officers – List of Association Officers with their E-mail addresses.
  • Colorado Springs Memorial – A page devoted to a BHA Memorial site.
  • Combat Action Reports – Actual CARs from Nam
  • Fiddler's Green – Just a reminder
  • Find an Old Friend – A list of former 11th ACR members who have given permission to have their e-mail address posted to aid in finding old friends. Please consider allowing us to post yours.
  • Fulda 2000 – Progress of a reunion scheduled for the year 2000 in Fulda Germany
  • History of the 11th ACR – How the association came to be.
  • Hall of Honor - The names of the 700+ Troopers who gave it all.
  • 11th ACR Organization In Viet Nam – Gives organization of the 11th ACR and includes supporting units. Also indicates which units have their own home pages.
  • Help for Veterans – Information concerning the VA, how to obtain records, other veteran’s affairs.
  • Links of Interest – Links to other Cavalry units and sites of interest.
  • Master Roster – A searchable dada base of the 11th ACVVC and the BHA. Looking for an old friend? Go here and see if he is a member.
  • Membership Information – All about membership, who is eligible, how to become a member, membership application.
  • Members Home Pages – A listing of the home pages of members of the 11thACVVC
  • Message Board – A place to leave messages for others. A good way to let people know you are looking for them or to post information of general information.
  • Miscellaneous Unit Information – Information on sources of information
  • Mission Statement – The mission of the 11thACVVC
  • President's Message – A monthly statement of the state of the ACVVC by the President.
  • Old News, Maybe not for you? Past items from the Breaking News page that may interest you.
  • Photo Gallery – Miscellaneous Photos sent in by members.
  • Poet's Corner – Members contributions
  • Post Your Home Page – A form for posting your home page to the Member’s Home Pages.
  • Quartermaster Gift Store – 11th ACR related items for sale. All proceeds go the Scholarship fund.
  • Rogues Gallery - Pictures of members as they were then!
  • Search the ACVVC Site – A general search engine that lets you search the site by keywords.
  • Scholarship Fund – Information of the Scholarship Fund, who is eligible to apply, how to apply and an application.
  • Tales from the Nam – Individual stories of those days. Some funny, some sad and some just a story.
  • The Virtual Wall – Explains the Virtual Wall, a site where you can post remembrances of someone you know.
  • Thanks for the Donations – Thank you to those who contribute to the upkeep of this page and the Scholarship Fund.
  • RCO's Message from the Turret – A quarterly message from the Regimental Commander
  • Who's Coming to the Reunion – A listing of those who plan to attend the Reunion this year.
  • The Blackhorse Association – A link to the BHA.
  • Stuff to Do on A Rainy Day - Games and such to pass the idle hour.

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