This search engine will find any member of the 11th Armored Cavalry's Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia or the Blackhorse Association that is listed on our master rosters.

You can search by any or all of the items on the pull down menu below, i.e. Last Name, First Name, Unit, nick name, etc. To search for more than one item you must use the word AND, i.e. Jones AND Bobby AND B Trp.  For instance, if all you remember is his first name and unit you could search on Bobby AND B Troop.

Should you find someone you know and want further details you should contact the association at 11thACVVCor the Blackhorse Association at BHA

11thArmored Cavalry's Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia Database

Blackhorse Association Database

Tips: Units in the Master File are abbreviated, i.e. K Troop is listed as K Trp. A search for K Troop will bring no results. If you aren't sure of spelling then type just part, i.e. new will bring up every name that starts with new like Newman. It means you see a lot of names but does help with the spelling problem! Similarly, searching for "air" under unit will bring up all Air Cav Troop Members. It is all there, if you can't find what you are looking for one way, try another. Searching for 1/11 for instance will bring up every record of those who served in 1/11, some 3,000 of them which may be a few more than you want to look at! Often Troopers belong to one organization and not another. If you don't find them in one, try the other.
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