11th ACVVC Staff Duties & Responsibility


Internet Coordinator    Eric Newton,  In charge of all the Website Staff and Approves all Website Content
Web Master   Otis Carey  = Edits, Updates, Host, Promotes The Website
Assistant Webmaster   =  Assist The Webmaster, Edits, Updates Website   

Assistant Online Editor =  Post Selected Articles From Thunder Run & Chaplain's Corner on The Website.                          

Find an Old Friend  =Bud Campbell, Maintains, Updates, Find an Old Friend, Master Roster, & Does Troop Unit Research. 
Documents Scan or Type = Joe Rooney &  Roberta Wolff = Scans Photos Types documents for Inclusion in the website. 
Quality Control  = Checks for Mistakes and Quality Website Content 
Inquiries / Research =  Jim Murray, Researches Unit Info, Troop Info, Etc.
Internet Publicity = Publicizes the Website to all the search Engines, Message Board, Trades Links, Gets the word Out about our site.