There is a U.S. government office that provides unit record information for Post Traumatic StressDisorder (PTSD) claims. The U.S. Government office is:

U.S. Armed Services Center for  Research of Unit Records (CRUR)
7798 Cissna Road
Suite 101
Springfield, VA 22150-3198

CRUR'S email address:
CRUR'S telephone number: (703) 806-7800
CRUR's fax number: (703) 806-7846

Although their main mission is to research stressors for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), that is required by the Veterans Administration (VA), they can provide the following information to anyone:

1. How to obtain unit records for all services regardless of the years.

2. How to obtain your Official Military Personnel File (OMPF), outpatient records and clinicial records.

3. They can provide a computer analysis and information concerning Agent Orange. (If you
require this information, please include your unit designation, tour dates, locations in Vietnam with dates at these location to the best of your recollection).

4. Can provide points of contacts and addresses in other matters relating to veterans such as mustard gas exposure, radiation exposure and other unique information.

The CRUR will either provide the information or point you in the right direction. They will answer your correspondence in 30 days but will need 6-8 months to verify PTSD information.

                    ***THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THEIR SERVICES***