The Blackhorse Association

P.O. Box 10423

Fort Irwin, California 92310

8 December 1999

Fellow Blackhorse Troopers,

A short 14 months from now, in February 2001, we will celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the activation of the 11th Cavalry Regiment, one hundred years of renowned and distinguished service to the American people. Plans are well underway for celebrations both at Fort Meyer, Virginia, and Las Vegas, Nevada, generously sponsored by our two veteran’s organizations. These will be superb and memorable events, no doubt.

As a means to document and preserve the history and heritage of the Blackhorse Regiment, we also intend to create a television documentary that will be shown on the History Channel in February 2001. As you would expect, this documentary will be an impressive, professional documentary that will incorporate two parallel themes: the history of the Regiment and the evolution of the horse cavalry regiment into the armored cavalry regiment we know today. Moreover, we intend to make the documentary affordable and available for purchase by individuals in VCR and CD-ROM format. We can’t think of a better way to capture the extraordinary history of our Regiment, share it with the American people, and share it with our veterans and active troopers.

Stahelin Productions, a television production company, is ready to go to work. Much of our written and pictorial history is in their hands. They have enlisted the services of a professional, experienced writer who wrote the storyline and script for the recent Medal of Honor documentary on the TNT network. The conditions are almost set. The next step is to secure $15,000 to hire the writer and provide travel funds to conduct more historical research and collect oral histories. We need to secure this money before the end of January 2000 to meet project timelines.

In short, we need your financial support and assistance to bring our extraordinary history to life. If you would like to contribute to the creation of this documentary, please send your tax-free donations to the following address: The Blackhorse Association, Attn: The 100th Anniversary Documentary, P.O. Box 10423, Fort Irwin, California, 92310. Our tax exemption number is EO762771.


Donn A. Starry

General, U.S Army

41st Colonel and

Honorary Colonel of the Regiment

John D. Rosenberger

Colonel, Armor

58th Colonel of the Regiment