The Blackhawk was our in-country transportation.  Leaving 1/11 ACR to hang out in FOB KALSU with 2/11. 10-2-05
                                                                                                   Our welcome to KALSU was in the form of a breakfast mortar attack which resulted in one Mississippi Guardsman being wounded. He was treated at the Blackhorse Aid Station.                                                                                                     
                                                                                                Blackhawk Dust Off touches down at Kalsu. 
                                                                                                           155 Brigade Combat Team soldier wounded in Mortar attack is carried to the chopper by comrades.  1/11 ACR at Kalsu 10-4-05
                                                                                                         Purple Heart awards 2/11 ACR FOB KALSU. OCT 2005
                                                                                                   Blackhorse Vietnam flag displayed above 2/11 ACR HQ's by Jerry Williamson.  Jerry asked troopers to sign this flag at all locations visited.  KALSU  10-5-05
                                                                                                          Eric Newton, 11th ACVVC PAO, LTC Bill Simrill, Second Squadron Commander and 11th ACVVC Cameraman Jerry Williamson at FOB KALSU 10-6-05
                                                                                                          Trooper signs flag at Regimental HQ's in MOSUL.  10-8-05