Friend or Foe? The same conditions that existed in Vietnam in trying to figure out who the bad guy was carry over in Iraq.
Medivac lifts off from FOB Kalso carrying wounded after an early morning mortar attact.
Command Sergeant Major Ricky Pring, in his office which was once a Palace.
While this child appears to be "FRIEND", He could also be picking your pocket or lifting the gear on your belt. The kids know that they will receive a reward if they can get close enough to read the frequency on the radio strapped to your vest. I lost a pair of sunglasses hooked in my vest while filming inside a school with the kids gathered around me and never knew it until I went outside
In our two weeks in Iraq with the 11th ACR, we experienced everything from an VBIED to a mortar attack. But no firefight.  So CSM Pring took us out into the streets of Mosul with the promise to find one.