HQ 1/11ACR, CAMP LIBERTY.  Notice, the horse has become the COMBAT STALLION once again.

Saddam's estate hand dozens of other buildings such as this one that sustained attack damage. Notice the houseboat parking slip on the left.

Water Park for Saddam's guests.

Closer look at palace under construction. Construction was stopped due to a Coalition "JOB ACTION" a few years back. Saddam then took up living in a hole in the ground.

Arial view of one of Saddam's palaces in Baghdad. Bigger than a shopping mall.

Boys line up for gifts at school. 1/11ACR   27 Sept 2005

The future of Iraq.  Joint civic action with Iraqi Army to distribute school supplies. 1/11 ACR 27 Sept 2005.

Checking out a house just outside Abu Ghraib Prison.  1/11ACR   23 Sept 2005

Outside Abu Ghraib Prison.  1/11 ACR on patrol.  23 Sept 2005