Joe Gehring Sr.
01.27.2014 - 05:28:58


I met you when you got in-country in July of 67 and when I left in January of 68 I said I would see you again. Not really believing it I was happy to see you at a reunion years later. My wife and I enjoyed every reunion, drink and talk we had since then. You won't be at the reunions anymore but you'll be with "I" Troopers in spirit. You'll be visiting Lt. Charlie Locklin soon. Take care Brother.

Ms Waynette Marie Goad-Gatlin
02.02.2014 - 05:41:49

I love you dad! I am honored that you were my dad and I had no idea the things you had done in your life. That is my only regret, not asking questions.

Mrs. Joan Goad Taylor
03.02.2014 - 11:31:12

My Dear Big Brother -
I'm so sorry you left us so unexpectedly. I regret not getting to say goodbye. I miss you so very much, you and little brother, both. I was so proud of the soldier you were and that you loved our country so much. Thanks for being a great big brother, also. I'm so glad you had so many good friends. I'll see you again, I know, and until then...I love you and you remain in my heart always! Sis

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