from Honor Guard
10.16.2012 - 22:59:51

Dear Janet and family,

I am sending my condolence with my love and respect of this good and honorable man.

The 11th Cavalry Troopers about 40 + years ago and far from home in the jungles of Vietnam & Cambodia we took great care of one another so we could make it home to our mothers, fathers, wives, sisters, brothers and other loved-ones.----------------- --> Now once again we must say our goodbyes and continue to take our strides for the time will come our journey will be done and forever together with all of our loved-ones.

Chairman of Funeral Honor Guard of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia.

With great heartfelt sympathy,

Daniel D. Stroia Sr. from Scottsdale, Arizona
K Troop, 3rd Squadron of the 11th Cavalry
Served in Vietnam & Cambodia from 1967 to 1968

from Danny
11.28.2012 - 00:23:18

Richard Powers
Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 10:04 PM


I was looking at the Funeral Honor Guard Daniel Stroia.

On our website www.11acr/hg.htm and came across a name of a trooper that I believe I spent some time with in Vietnam. (Richard Powers)

I was in F Troop 1968 to 1969 and after I hit my second land mine and spent a few weeks in the hospital then I was sent to the rear at Blackhorse base camp.

Where I was moved to HHT, Regiment of the
11th Cavalry and put in the Security Guards and that is where I met Richard Powers after he was dusted off.

I would like to find out for sure as I have been looking for him on and off for some time.

Danny Kreger from Prichard, West Virginia
Served in F Troop & E Troop, of the 11th Cavalry
Served in Vietnam & Cambodia from 1968 to 1969
( Served in Security SECT.)

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