The Ring

By Robert "Bob" Kickenweitz


Back on 28 November 2016 we (11thACVVC) received a message saying that Mary & Eddie Rivera found a ring (picture attached) in Odessa, Texas years ago and have not been able to found it owner. We would love to return it should you be able to find the owner. The only thing they knew was that the ring was that of someone from the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment and had the initials ERL inside the band. After checking the Master Roster for guys with the same initials, I found one Eusebio R. Luna, How Btry 3/11 ACR 9/68-8/69 and he lived in Odessa, Texas. While trying to find him, I found an obituary for him instead December 2015 just over a year ago.

I called the Funeral Home and told them the story about the ring and asked if I could have the families phone number as I want to make sure the ring was theirs and I would get it returned to them. When I called a young lady answered the phone and said " we have nobody here with that name." I check the phone number again with the Funeral Home and it was correct. I called again and the same young lady answered the phone, I explained everything to her and again she said " we have nobody here with that name."

I was nowhere and had to start all over again. Then on 12 December 2016 I received a call from the daughter of Eusebio, she confirmed that her father did in fact lose his ring years before. After being in touch with both ladies I had the finder contact the daughter and they would exchange the ring. Here is a video from a news channel with the story. As far as I'm concerned "This is what we do when you're a Blackhorse Trooper."