Thank You Comments:

By Steve Butler

Delta Troop - 1/9th Air Cav.

Greetings from Delta troop, 1/9th Air Cav - Rat Patrol: I was in 'Nam from Aug '69 to Jan '70. On Sept.14, in Song Be area. We were ambushed on the main highway south of Song Be. We were pinned down for quite a few hours. I've never had the chance to thank "Tufts unit" (that's all I knew them by) for pulling us out and the fire support. They saved us. I've always described them as looking like Jesus Christ coming over the hill, fifties blazing. It was a very harrowing experience watching the APC's, jets, cobra gunships, artillery, everything! But the worm turned when you guys pulled in. Another fellow and myself, along with one of your APC's were the last ones out. We drove a jeep out of the kill zone with 3 flat tires with small arms rounds hitting the front fenders, scaring the hell out of both of us. Anyway, I've always wanted to thank "Tufts" unit at Song Be on the 14 of Sept., 1969. You guys did GOOD! I was wounded Jan.3, 1970 at Phouc Vinh and so ended my Viet experience. Thank you once again.

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