My Real Bullet Story

By H. W. Terry

K-Troop, 3/11


Mistake Uno #1. Anyhow, we got the damn thing mounted. We did all right at the firing range (boonies). Blew the shit out every tree over 4 ft high. Had a blast, except for the noise. Man, I mean that sob could put out the decibels.

Mistake #2. Did you notice how big the bullet was!!! It may look larger than life but I'm only 5'2". It was large. Well, where do you think we stored the ammo? Anywhere we could tie it down. Remember, the shocks on a 'track' wasn't by Midas. I guess the point I'm trying to make, is you loaded the rifle up and hoped you only needed one shot be cause those bullets weighed like 50 Lbs. So, rapid fire was out of the question and you didn't carry a lot of rounds.

Mistake #3. Almost fatal. Do you remember how a mounted ambush patrol was set up? You would circle the wagons, facing outwards then back up to almost touching rear ends.

Well, troopers if you never fired a recoilless rifle, this how it works. First, why do you think they called it recoilless? My friend it's actually a damn Rocket. And the blowback is tremendous. It's actually a rocket taking off parallel to the ground.

Any way, we're on this mounted ambush patrol and the track with rifle thought (how many times did you hear that) they spotted activity ahead. When they fired that damn rifle, they should have yelled fire in the hole because the back blast seemed like we were at Cape Canaveral. It blew just about everybody off the track in the rear and to both sides.

You could hear troopers running around yelling, "don't shoot", "don't shoot" while trying figure out just what happen to them and how to remount their tracks.

'Charlie' could of have had field day had he been there or maybe he was too astonished to do anything.

After that patrol, the rifle was banned from action (ambush type). It got to be such a pain. Every time we made a hard turn the track would come off. That's great in battle! As matter of fact, we moth balled it at some base camp. I think we picked up some Thompson's and grease guns for it. That's another story!