By Ruth Neher

We were in Xuan Loc one day, two of us Donut Dollies, visiting the Artillery Units, and the place went on alert. A Sergeant was directed to get the two of us under cover and keep us safe--you could tell by the look on his face it was an assignment he didn't know what to do about! Then he brightened, and hustled us into the NCO club. There we were 2 Donut Dollies, the Sergeant, and one Vietnamese female behind the bar.

She started talking to him, and he got very red in the face, and was trying to calm her down, but she got more and more agitated, and was making a lot of gestures. Then she went in another room, as I recall, and came out with some girlie magazines she shoved under our noses, patted her chest, pointed at our chests (nothing remarkable), pointed at the girlie magazines, and at the Sergeant--who was totally mortified at that point.

Clearly, the Vietnamese gal had been told she couldn't "measure up" to round eyed women....Our next trip to visit the artillery, we brought Redbook magazines, Women's Home Companion, maybe a Cosmo or 2--and sent them over to the NCO club for her. I suspect she didn't take any more crap from the guys about her bust size after that!