Another Bad Day "B" Troop 1st Platoon Tuesday, August 15, 1967

Bill Ryerson Sr.

As a platoon we took off one morning from Base Camp to give first aid to a village. We were all in line on a dirt road not far from the village we were to give first aid. I can't remember how many track there were, but at any rate we had a track hit a land mine. It was a big one, as it lifted it right off the ground and turned it over on its top. It blew both 60cal. shield off and took the 50cal.and shield off with it to. The Sgt. was still sitting in it when it hit the ground. His right leg was lost that day I've picture of that day of the track and also have picture of two other troopers that day that lost their life. I remembered this all my life but I was able to let it go until I read a letter that was printed out on ( Thunder Run ) I thought I was a strong man but this one letter brought me to tears in my wife's arm. I know I must know this man who wrote this letter but can't place him maybe some one
could help me .The Letter Was Headed: REFLECTIONS by HERBERT GILLOCK. It was all about this incident.

I only have a few problems with the letter, it wasn't 1966 it was 1967 And it wasn't B-18 that hit the mine. It was B-14 as I have all the pictures. which I will send to be installed in B Troops New site with your permission. I'm in contact now with two people from my Plt. One is Alan Sweeney .He was a medic that day attached to our troop. And on Jan 4 ,1999 after 30 some years I found my platoon Sgt . I can't tell you how happy I was. We talked about this incident like it happen just yesterday. I have all after action reports on the two people who got killed. Both killed on the same day in South Vietnam in Phuoc Long Province. ( Picture's follow: )

I hope I was able to contributed something. Have a bunch of picture of Vietnam. Spent two tours. My 2nd tour was 1970-1971.