A Stroll through a Mine Field

By Percy Childs

A Stroll through a Mine Field I was part of the 541st MID, I was an Interrogator/Linguist. One day while accompanying the medics on a MedCap, I received a radio call. I was almost too shocked to say hello..........nobody EVER called me over the radio. My shock worsened when I discovered that it was the Squadron Commander, LTC Duke. Since there were no interpreters left for him to use, he requested that I proceed to an ARVN base and make liaison with the unit stationed there. AND, he sent me his personal helicopter! When we arrived at the ARVN base, we landed outside the wire and I went around the concertina looking for an entrance to the base. The wire seemed to be in the shape of a circle with me in the inside. I could see the ARVN soldiers waving at me while I tried to get inside. Finally, finding no gate, we took off and landed in another spot. When I got inside the camp, the Commander of the base asked me with concern: WHY I WAS WALKING AROUND HIS MINEFIELD. Talk about your pucker factor.