Photos by David Orth

G Troop 70-71

Enjoying a beverage
Cobra gunship putting rockets were we needed 'em
Here's were we needed 'em
Guys left and center unknown possibly Randy Ernst on the right
Napalm delivered
Nui Ba Den Left Horizon  Razorbacks Right Horizon
Hull of ACAV 25th infantry in Ho Bo Woods Razorbacks visible on the Horzon
Effects of RPG blast can be seen just inside rear door opening
Notice ACAV is short tracked
Rome Plows fueling up. Fuel bladder can be seen hanging from crane
Rome plows clear HoBo Woods
Miserable mud
Moat between outer berm and inner berm
Believe it or not he is actually trying to wash some mud off
H.Teeter KIA April 24 1971
Tennessee in defoliated area
Running the railroad tracks is better than busting bush but not when someone going in the other direction has the same idea
39 After encounter with mine
More Napalm about to ruin somebody's day
Notice the pile of empty ammo cans right foreground
Test firing 50's at Cu Chi
Notice the improvised RPG fence protecting the hull in front of the driver
The white half of the pink team checks the area
Rome plows mowing the lawn
Every now and then they found one of the infamous Cu Chi Tunnels the hard way
Lt. Ball
Tennessee cleaning himself up
Lt Ball at firebase Stevenson
Near Trang Bang
After pulling the pack Tennessee makes repairs
Pack ready to be reinstalled
Eating dust of Route 1
Night fire mission
Fred Mullet on left. I forgot the name of the trooper on the right but I think he was from Louisiana
Getting some fish the old fashion way
When the old fashion doesn't work get some C-4
Some blasting caps
Some Det cord
Some one willing to place the charges
Fire in the hole
Now just go get your fish
Fire Mission
Rout 1 south of Phan Thiet
Arty base near Phan Thiet
The sign says Phuc Tuy 50km straight ahead, Phan Thiet 112km Binh Tuy 82km bear left
Crossing the Newport Bridge
The Newport Bridge route 1
Bien Hoa, Long Binh crossroads
The only thing I remember about this place was a pucker factor of about 8
Near the Newport Bridge
Near DiAn
Taking a break. Notice the cooling holes on my 50 most were round but these were oblong
Dave Orth on 27