Stephen " Frenchie" Cyr

11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

3rd Squadron

M Company

4/1/69 - 1/31/70

Frenchie  AKA Stephen Cyr in the mud boot deep during the Monsoon Season

Frenchie sitting on a tank in the filed that is combat lost due to a mine.

1st Lt. Peter Alberico killing time awaiting the bulldozer from the rear to get 13 tanks unstuck in the boonies.

A tank driver, Lonnie Burris

A trooper relaxing during a down time at Quan Loi

A Vietnamese child in a rubber plantation


Command/Communication Vehicle in the boonies surrounded by mud during the Monsoon season

Crew of what I believe is called a VTR in the boonies. Human skeletons were found.  On Highway 19 or was it called Highway 17?

Down time for repairs in Quan Loi.

Fellow tankers awaiting help from the rear to get 13 tanks unstuck in the boonies.

Fellow troopers in Quan Loi


More fellow troopers

One of they tanks crews I was with in NAM;  Sitting is TC Sgt. Lance Alsup and  Davis(last name)

Pretty sure this is Bien Hoa….the Blessed Rear

VTR crew (mechanics) getting ready to work on a tank in the boonies.

Frenchie on his tank hiding from the sun using his rain poncho.

One of our cooks in the Rear

Down time for a portable bridge in Quan Loi.

TC SSG Willie Barry and other troopers behind him.

Bodies of troopers of sister APC units being carried to the chopper after hitting mines in a clearing. I believe near An Loc.

A Medivac chopper in the background (look of the orange flame) that was blown out of the sky when attempting to land during a firefight in Oct. or Nov. All crewmen were killed. Brave men!

One bad firefight in Oct. or Nov. of 1969 where Sugar Bear and Red were killed.
What was I doing taking pictures out of the loaders hatch? I was letting mu Koax? (machine gun) cool off so the barrel wouldn't burn up. I was scared shitless and had to do some! So I took pictures.

Same Firefight in Oct. or Nov. 1969 in the rubber plantation near An Loc.

A fellow trooper in the boonies

1st Lt. Peter Alberico on his way on R&R.

1st Lt. Peter Alberico awaiting to take the plane to go on R&R. (The soldier with the pistol.)

I am on the far right with fellow troopers on R&R in Bangkok, Thailand. I believe the African American trooper to be Charles William. Do not remember if he was Sugar Bear who was KIA.

Aw, yes the typical rubber plantation.

A bunker in Bien Hoa.

A pleasant day in the boonies

A firebase (Was that what it was called) that was over come by the Viet Cong one night by the Frenchmans house in the boonies. Remember the house. It is the orange roof by the left of the tallest tree in the background.

Yes, we're trying to outsmart Charlie with his land mines in the road by driving along side the road.


Driving down the road of a rubber plantation on patrol. Has to be near An Loc?

A photo of the Frenchmans house in the field that we often drove by. We never stopped for a visit.

Where ever we stopped, it didn't take long for Vietnamese children to find us. They were either looking to sell us something or looking for C-rations or candy from us.


A better photo of the downed Medivac chopper where all the crewmen were killed trying to come in to get our wounded during the middle of a firefight.


I believe fellow troopers from another squadron working with us.

Out in the boonies. I believe that is the Black Virgin Mountain in the background. (At least I think that was what it was called.)


Road patrol in a rubber plantation.