Editor’s Corner

By Pete Walter

3rd Quarter 2017


Fellow Troopers – “Thunder Run” has had six editors over the past thirty-two years. I’d like to recognize them and thank them all for their great work as “Thunder Run” has evolved from a small black & white newsletter to a full-color, professionally produced, award-winning quarterly magazine.


Raye Ashe (HHT REGT, 66-67) was the first Editor of our newsletter. Raye was a “boat person” and contributed one of the most memorable and touching stories ever published by the 11th ACVVC, “The Summer of ‘66”. Sadly, we lost Ray on May 23, 1997. Thank you Ray and Rest in peace.


Ollie Pickral (K Trp, 68-69) was the founder of the 11th ACVVC and the second Editor of our newsletter from 1990 through 1993 and again in 2002. It’s unbelievable how this organization has grown since its inception. For everything you’ve done, thank you Ollie!


Mike Kennedy (HHT REGT, 66-67) stepped up as Editor in 1994 and kept the presses running through 2001. Also a “boat person” Mike contributed much to this organization and engaged in considerable historical research for the 11th ACVVC. Thank you Mike!


Jim Griffiths (F Trp, 68-69) followed Bill Gregory and became Editor from 2005 through 2011. As a published author (“Vietnam Insights: Logic of Involvement and Unconventional Perspectives”) and long-time high school history teacher in Michigan, Jim brought experiential talent and a professional perspective to “Thunder Run”. Thank you Jim!


Carlos “Bill” Gregory (H Co, 69-70) served as Editor from 2002 through 2005 and again from 2011 through 2016. To list everything Bill did as a soldier and citizen would fill this page. Bill passed away on Dec. 3, 2016. A quiet and competent professional and a friend to all, Bill will be missed. Thank you Bill and Rest in peace.


After Bill’s unexpected death there was a void in the position of Editor, and as always, President Allen Hathaway stepped forward and took over the job until a suitable replacement could be found.  If I am a suitable replacement remains to be seen, but I have accepted the position as your Editor.


When looking at the names of the men who have held this position I realize I’m trying to fill big shoes, but the obligation to produce a high-quality publication is an honor. Like every aspect of the 11th ACVVC, success depends on the unfailing participation of our members. If not for your sacrifices this organization would not exist. The Editor of “Thunder Run” serves as a conduit for the stories, photos and historical information that you want to see. Your continued submission of material will keep the presses running. If you have any questions about or suggestions to improve “Thunder Run”, please contact me immediately.


I look forward to working for you! Respectfully, Pete Walter