From the 67th Colonel of the Regiment
Col. Joseph D. Clark
1st Qtr 2018


Regimental Commander’s Greetings Thunder Run (ACVVC)


Greetings to the Troopers of the Best Damn Regiment.  I trust everyone had a great and memorable Holiday season as we enter 2018.  This past year has been one that I will not forget.  We’ve hunkered down and strengthened our ability to be an effective training force for the Army as units prepare to deploy to all parts of the World.  We also improved our own ranks with Gunneries, Historic events, and the bonding that gives us the name as the “Best Damn Regiment.”

Our Regiment has continued its busy nature with a myriad of events and training throughout late Fall and early Winter.  Although we have many new Commanders and First Sergeants, the units’ performances have not faltered.  This is a testament that our Troopers are truly masters of their crafts. 

The Regiment has fought through the Mojave Desert in October and November. With the new fiscal year, we encountered a new “enemy,” 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division.  The Blackhorse Regiment fought tooth-and-nail through the High Desert ultimately exposing 1HBCT to new tactics and strategies to be a more lethal force as they deploy to support South Korea in the upcoming months. 

Although we had little downtime between rotations, the Regiment Command Teams held a War Council to develop their mission statement and vision in preparation for the 68th Colonel.  During the War Council, the Commanders and First Sergeants discussed training plans and gunnery strategies to ensure our Troopers are still highly competent and extremely lethal.

During NTC Rotation 18-02, the 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division hailing from Fort Hood, TX came to develop and prove their competencies.  Through the month, 11th ACR fought them hard, and ultimately, 1 HBCT left with new tactics and techniques they learned from our Troopers.  This rotation was the capstone training event for the Brigade prior to their departure to Germany later this year.  Additionally, the Blackhorse Troopers spent Thanksgiving eating a top-notch meal prepared by our own cooks in the desert.  Although they were away from their families, they felt at home sitting at tables eating side-by-side with their brother and sisters in arms. 

December provided a much needed reprieve from the high optempo training we encounter each month.  With no scheduled Rotation, the Regiment was able to focus on core competencies and preparing for upcoming rotations.  Two Squadrons. 1/11 and RSS, took advantage of this time to schedule a Spur Ride for their Troopers.  More than 170 “Shave tails” successfully completed the Spur Ride and earned their coveted spurs.  

Currently, our Troopers are preparing for our next rotation to support 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division for Rotation 18-03.

                        Finally, I appreciate all your support for our Troopers and our Regiment.  This Regiment is unique, and it is because of you.  You hold a tight-knit bond that is rivaled by none, and the Blackhorse Troopers know of your dedication and love for this Regiment.  The history you made for this Regiment motivates and encourages these Troopers to reach levels never before achieved.

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The 67th Colonel