From the 67th Colonel of the Regiment
Col. Joseph D. Clark
4th Qtr 2017


Regimental Commander’s Greetings Thunder Run (ACVVC)


Greetings to the Troopers of the Best Damn Regiment.  Congratulations on your recent reunion, I am sure it was one that will never be forgotten.  Although Mother Nature tried to derail the reunion, you held your ground in true Blackhorse fashion.  That is a testament to your commitment to each other and your commitment to this Regiment.  Command Sergeant Major Stunkard and I wish we were able to attend.

Our Regiment has continued its busy nature with a myriad of events and training throughout the Summer and into early Fall.  As with tradition, Summer is a season with a large turnover.  Although we have many new Commanders and First Sergeants, the units’ performance has not faltered.  During the time between rotations, our Squadrons were busy keeping their core competencies up to date.  The Regimental Support Squadron (RSS) conducted a Regimental sustainment area field training exercise (FTX) ensuring they could properly support the maneuver Squadrons in their training.  Both Squadrons, 1-11 and 2-11 conducted squad live fires and tank gunneries.

Currently, our Troopers are fighting the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division from Fort Stewart, GA. 1st Squadron, 11th ACR is busy leading the fight against them, building combat power, and creating a world-class operational environment here.   

Additionally, the Regimental Support Squadron welcomed CSM Nickia Haynes on September 7th.  CSM Haynes enlisted in 1993 and served throughout the world.  The RSS is lucky to have him to continue the tradition of excellence in this Regiment. We’re making the Army better, one Blinking MILES light at a time.

            Recently, the Regimental Horse Detachment lead by 1LT Michael Grubb, traveled to El Reno, OK to compete against other horse detachments throughout the Army.  They bolstered the reputation of our Regiment winning 4 first place awards, 3 second place awards, and 2 third place awards throughout 5 events.  Most Notably, SSG Weathers won first place overall.  The detachment’s horse, Gunsmoke, won the coveted “Pegasus Award,” which was presented to the most outstanding cavalry horse.  He was selected for his ability, training, and care, which is a testament to the pride and hard work of the Detachment. We’re extremely proud of their accomplishment.

            Finally, I appreciate all your support for our Troopers and our Regiment.  This Regiment is unique, and it is because of you.  You hold a tight-knit bond that is rivaled by none, and the Blackhorse Troopers know of your dedication and love for this Regiment.  The history you made for this Regiment motivates and encourages these Troopers to reach levels never before achieved.

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The 67th Colonel