From the 68th Colonel of the Regiment
Col. Scott Woodward
1st Qtr 2019


Greetings from the 68th Colonel of the Blackhorse!

As always, your Regiment is incredibly busy, and 2018 was no different.  We closed out the year with the largest Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise the Army ever conducted.  Units from the 82nd Airborne Division flew across the country and jumped into Ft Irwin where they were met with the fury of the Blackhorse!  The intensity of the fight was like nothing either unit had experienced short of combat.  The reputation of the Blackhorse is now firmly cemented in the airborne community!

On December 11th, we held our inaugural Blackhorse Commander’s Cup Competition.  During this competition, Squadrons competed in traditional sports events - Softball, Basketball, Volleyball and fitness events as well as tactical military competitions such as - vehicle recovery operations, stress shoots, weapons assembly, road marches, obstacle courses and a resupply run.  The competition ended with a 36-mile relay run from the Regiment Headquarters to the California Veterans Home in Barstow.  At the end of the competition, 2/11 emerged as the victors holding the Cup until next year. 

As you know, it is important for today’s Troopers to learn about their past, so each year, we march to the California Veteran’s Home in Barstow to spend the day with the veterans.  This year, more than 500 Troopers marched through the streets of Barstow and ate lunch with the Veterans (in the Blackhorse Dining Hall).  There, they shared stories and lessons with one another.  The Troopers left the Veteran’s Home with new experiences and bonds with those that served before them.

The upcoming months of 2019 are especially busy for the Regiment.  Not only are we fighting Rotational Units each month, we are ensuring our Troopers are well trained on their weapon systems.  During time between rotations, our Troopers are at the range working on the Tank and Bradley gunnery tables.  Currently, we are preparing a team for the Gainey Cup competition – a U.S. Army wide scout skills competition at Ft Benning, GA in late APR 19. 

This spring, our Squadrons are having their formal balls.  This is a great opportunity for our Troopers, both young and old, to unwind and enjoy each other’s company in an esteemed tradition.  Because the Squadrons are hosting their balls this year, our Regiment Ball will take place spring of 2020.  We will ensure more information is passed out as we approach that ball.

Unit                         Date                        Location                 POC                                        Email/Phone

1/11 ACR               24 April 2019       Long Beach, CA    1LT Daniel Bloethe              (847)-848-0616



2/11 ACR               26 April 2019       Long Beach, CA    CPT Sean Martin                   (217)-820-3617



RSS/11 ACR           25 April 2019       Long Beach, CA    1LT Isaac Anderson             (760)-380-6698



I look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas this summer and we are excited for your visit here at Fort Irwin - we have much in store for you.  I know our Troopers will enjoy meeting with you and learning firsthand about our history and lineage.  Thank you for all you do for this Regiment and our Nation as a whole.  You are what made this the “Best Damn Regiment.”


Scott C. Woodward

68th Colonel of the Regiment


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