From the 68th Colonel of the Regiment
Col. Scott Woodward
4th Qtr 2018


Greetings to the Best Damn Regiment!  The opportunity to be a part of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment is a dream come true.  I am honored to join the best Troopers the Army has ever seen, past and present, as we train the force to fight and win our nationís wars. 


 I would like to first thank everyone who came to the Change of Command in June.  It is not easy to travel to Ft Irwin and the effort you put forth to welcome our family is representative of your reputation.  The sincere notes of encouragement from all the veterans that were unable to attend really humbled me.  Your support to YOUR Regiment is what separates us from all others and I cannot wait to meet you all at future events and reunions.


In addition to the Regimental change of command, IRONHORSE, EAGLEHORSE and PACKHORSE all have new Squadron Commanderís as well.  Even though the Regiment is under new leadership, the Troopers are the ones keeping us all on track with their hard work, enthusiasm, and professionalism. 


It was truly an honor to be a part of your reunion in Grand Rapids in September.  I am still truly overwhelmed with emotion after spending such a short time with you; you are national treasures!  Your camaraderie and loyalty to each other after all these years is remarkable and truly unique, even amongst other military organizations.  The Regiment cannot wait to have you out here next summer to give you a tremendous welcome for your 34th reunion.


Your Horse Detachment, led by CPT Steven Kuk and SFC Arturo Baeza, made the Regiment proud during the U.S. Cavalry Association's National Cavalry Competition at Ft Reno, Oklahoma 26-29 SEP.  The 11th ACR won the Casimir Pulaski Trophy for Outstanding Military Unit and the Major Howze Unit Mobility Competition.  Winning the Howze competition was special in that itís named after the night movement of the 11th Cavalry led by then Major Howze on 4-5 May 1916 during the Punitive Expedition. Major Howze and his unit of 332 officers and men covered the last 20 miles to the objective area in 2 hours and 45 minutes, in the dark, over a spur of the Sierra Madre Mountains, at the trot. He then launched an immediate, surprise, dawn mounted pistol charge on the Rancho Ojos Azulles that is forever memorialized in the Don Stivers print ďThe Last ChargeĒ.


In addition to the team awards, several Troopers earned individual honors in multiple events.  Of note, SFC Baeza, the horse detachment NCOIC, was crowned the overall Level 2 National Champion.  Congratulations are in order to SFC Baeza and all the Troopers who represented the Regiment with the highest level of distinction in this very competitive event.


Find the Bastards and Pile on! 




Scott Woodward, COL, 11th ACR