Blackhorse 1901 Whiskey

Anyone interested in procuring a bottle of Blackhorse 1901 Whiskey, please contact me ASAP via e-mail or home phone to reserve a bottle.  Those of you who attended the Members Meeting at the 2018 reunion in Grand Rapids, Michigan, may remember that MG Terry Tucker (56th Colonel of the Blackhorse) donated two cases of Blackhorse 1901 Whiskey.

The photo shown here does not do justice to the bottle as the image that shows through the glass is an ethereal vision of horse-mounted Troopers from 1901 in full cavalry charge with sabers drawn! A ghostly likeness of Blackhorse Troopers from over 100 years ago! This beautifully appointed bottle contains an 8 year old, 80 proof American Whiskey, distilled and bottled in Radcliff, Kentucky.  Contact: Pete Walter, 609-261-5629 or e-mail me at:

Please note: This whiskey will only be available for purchase in person at the 35th reunion in Indianapolis, August 26-30. We cannot ship any alcohol! The price is $100 per bottle, a $10 discount from the retail price.