11th United States Cavalry - 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment 

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11th US Cavalry Landing in the Philippines 1902


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In May of 1914,“The Ludlow Massacre” touched off an armed riot.  The 11th
Cavalry was deployed to the towns of Trinidad and Ludlow, Colorado, to stop
the bloodshed by disarming the aggressors.

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1916 El Paso, Texas



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In search of  Pancho Villa in Mexico 1916


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“The Last Charge”  Mexican Expedition. May 5, 1916, Troop C engages Pancho Villa’s bandits at Ojo Azules, killing 42 outlaws and suffering no casualties.
Print by Don Stivers

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Presidio, California 1920-24


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M-4 Sherman tanks of the 11th Cavalry Group (Mechanized) in Europe during WWII. US Army 11th ACR Museum

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M-155 Sheridan of C Troop, 1st. Squadron, crosses a ravine in An Loc, III Corps, near the Cambodian border.
Photo by Dr. Barry Beaven

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“Have Guns, Will Travel”  Air Cav Troop, Vietnam.  Two UH-1C Huey gunships hammering North Vietnamese positions inside Cambodia in 1970.
Print by Joe Kline Aviation Art. }

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“Find the Bastards, Then Pile On” Counter ambush along Highway13, Republic of South Vietnam on January 11, 1969.  Troop A, M113 Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicles.  Lt. Harold Fritz awarded the Medal of Honor.

Print by Jim Dietz

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Vietnam  Joe Dimaggio visits the troops in the field


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“Frontiers of Freedom”  Cold War, On the East-West German border from 1972-1994, Blackhorse troopers stood firm in the Fulda Gap until
communism crumbled in Europe.Print by George Finley

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“Point of Penetration”  11thACR, Present Day. The Legendary  Blackhorse
Regiment, recognized as the best trained mechanized unit in the world today, penetrates Blue Force defenses in the Central Corridor of the National Training Center, Fort Irwin, California.
Print by Ken DeWar

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11th ACR Opposing Forces consisting of visually modified Sheridans and M113s, glide across the Mojave Desert in battle exercises to train Blue Force units at the National Training Center, Fort Irwin, California.